The Life of Lana Hill



Hi Everyone, I’m doing a life story let’s play for a sim I created called Lana Hill. Her traits are Great Kisser, Natural Cook, Flirty, Dramatic, and Party Animal. Her Lifetime wish is Heartbreaker. She wants to be the Girlfriend of 10 different sims. She is very beautiful and I believe that she will accomplish this goal. Come watch the fun life of Lana Hill.

Lana Hill

Lana Hill

Lana Hill

Lana Hill


Sims 3 Let’s Play

I been watching Sims 3 Let’s Play for a while, and think that they’re so fun. I been getting most of the Sims 3 Expansion Pack, and been trying to get some of the important material.

I’m thinking about doing some challenges and expansion pack let’s play. I going to put up a poll about which one I should do first, and alert you when I upload the video.

Thank for the views.

Online Store


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Hi, it’s DiannaJ here. I have this idea of selling natural bath & body, and cosmetics products on this site. It would be part blog, part online store. However, I need to get funded in order for me to do that. My goal is to raise $1,500 so that I can get started. I’m using the website Indiegogo to fund it. For people who want to donate, the campaign is called DiannaJ’s Sweetreats. Also, I’m going to set up poll over the name of the brand. Should it just be called DiannaJ or DiannaJ’s Sweetreats.

Madoka Magica Analytics



Hi, this is my first anime review and I’m going to talk about Puella Magi Madoka Magica or Madoka Magica for short. I have heard that this anime is different from the other magical girls series because it is a deconstruction and because it have favorable reviews. So when the show came to Netflix about a month or so ago, I decide that I was going to watch the series. There were some scene in the show that I was already made aware of, but I wanted to see what lead up to it. Madoka Magica is about a girl named Madoka Kaname who meets a mystery entity named Kyubey I’m going to start my analytics, so if you haven watch the show Spoiler Alert!!!

The series begins when our hero Madoka Kaname is having a dream, in which the city is being destroyed and a mysterious girl is fighting a monster. A small cute animal offer her a chance to help by becoming a magical girl. Madoka wakes up shortly after it and dismiss it. Madoka haves very nice life, a loving family and great friends. Her best friends are Hitomi and Sayaka, who she’s known since childhood. One day at school a new girl named Homura Akemi transfer into her class, the girl she saw in a dream early that morning. Homura gives Madoka a cryptic message about staying herself. Later on in the day, when Madoka and Sayaka go to the mall to get something for Sayaka’s friend Kyousuke, who is in the hospital for a broken hand. She then hears a voice calling out to her. She follows the voice and meet a cute little creature named Kyubey, who is being chased by Homura. Both her and Sayaka run away with Kyubey only to end up in a Witch barrier, about to be attack by beings called Familiars. Then, a girl named Mami Tomoe comes and saves them. Mami tells them that she a magical girl who fight against witches and that Kyubey can grant one wish in exchange for becoming a magical girl. Both Madoka and Sayaka are into the idea of being magical girls, think it will be like how it is on TV. Mami lets them tag along with her, showing them what magical girls do and giving advice. Homura tries to tell Madoka that being a magical girl is not a good thing, since she one herself. Madoka not sure about what to do, but still hangs around Mami until her shocking and sudden death. With no magical girl protecting the town against witches, Madoka left wondering what to she should do.

I’m going to do a separate post about the characters. This just giving you an idea about what the shows about.

Thank you, bye.

Magia (English Lyrics)


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One of my favorite song, Magia is the ending song to Madoka Magica, sang by Kalafina. Here the English lyrics to the song as well as the Kanji.

Magia by Kalafina

The light of love
will turn on in your eyes
Someday will go beyond time
And will surely shatter a dream of the world
That is rushing to it destruction

What do you wish for
After swallowing all that hesitance?
Is there an ephemeral tomorrow
At the end of this greedy admiration?

Using an ancient magic
That I used to dream about as a child
I want to break the darkness
And see you smiling
The only thing left in my scared hand
Is the courage of the broken friend
All I trust is my wish
And my wish would awaken the light

Someday perhaps you, too, for someone’s sake
will desire power
On the night when love captures your chest
Unknown words will be born

If I can follow my path without wavering
I care not if my heart shatters
I always want the spell
to confront
the sadness before my eyes

In my memories, you still dream
I shall not sleep tomorrow
I’ll move forward to win
the miracle where we would meet
In my frightened hands
I have the blade of a plucked flower
Only my feelings are all that’s alive
In my heart, I brandish
my wish

Back when I loved books about wonderlands
where the imprisoned sun shines
Fairy tales taught me
that my wishes would certainly come true
Which I believed
(Amidst the light and shadow)

Blooming profusely yet quietly
The ancient magic tenderly
whispers to me, ‘In your hands
is the power to change the world’
Let’s dream a neverending dream
Within the time I go through with you
Only my feelings are all that’s alive
What creates life
is a wish

Japanese Lyrics









This is the English and Japanese lyrics of the song Magia by Kalafina. It a very powerful song and I wanted to show you the translations. If you look on other sites, it will be a little different, but the meaning of the song is the same.

Thank you, bye.

Dorney Park Review


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Last week Friday my two cousins, my mother, and I went to Dorney Park. I read about Dorney Park weeks before we went and thought the rides seemed cool. I was very excited about going and was happy to hear  it had a Waterpark. The bus ride was about 2 hours long and we watched the movie Rio 2 until we got there. I didn’t go on all the rides,however I will talk about the rides I liked the most.

For the younger members of your group you may want to try Planet Snoopy.

Planet Snoopy is a Peanuts- themed amusement park inside Dorney Park. It’s rides are perfect for the youngster in your group. I only went on two of them, but you can find all the rides on the Dorney Park website.

Linus Launcher is a airplane-like ride that my younger cousin and I went on. It’s a pretty simple ride. It goes up and down in a circle for a few minutes. You might get a little dizzy when the ride is over, but those effects should wear off quickly.

Woodstock Express is a small rollercoaster right next to the Linus Launcher. You go around 3 times, and on the 2 go around there’s a camera taking your picture. The line moves pretty fast for both rides.

Those are the only two rides in Planet Snoopy my cousin and I went on, but there are much more rides there for a younger group.

Musik Express is a ride I have loved since I was a little girl and I was happy to see Dorney Park had one. If you have gone on this ride before then you should know what to expect. The only thing is, I wish the ride was a little longer. It felt like the ride was 2-3 minutes long.

The Whip is a ride I didn’t want to go on. My younger cousin who is 5 wanted to go on though and seeing my only other choice was to stand with the bags, I went on. The ride wasn’t bad. The idea is that you go in a oval-like circle, and when you get to the end you get a sudden jolt. It’s pretty fun actually.

The first Wildwater Kingdom slide I went on is called Lightning Falls. My cousin wanted to go on, but she was too short. The line moved pretty quickly and was pretty calm. If you look at the pictures you will see a sign that says Cascade, that’s the two person tube slide that ends in the same pool as Lightning Falls.

Runaway River is a lazy river pool. My cousin, her mom, and I went into this pool. We had to stay in the tubes the whole time and float. I hadn’t gotten my hair wet yet, and was trying to avoid the sprinklers that were coming down. As you see in this picture you can’t avoid it. A guy tried to talk to me when I got off, asking me if I was biracial. I told him no, and quickly wondered what he thought I was mixed with?

Python Plummet is  part of the Snake Pit. It’s a single person slide. You go into a capsule that’s enclosed where you will hear a countdown before you slide down. The line was long, because it only has three slides. Lots of people wanted to go on, because it’s a thrilling ride.

Wave Pool is exactly what it’s called,  a wave pool. The wave turns on for 10 minutes and then turns off for 10 minutes. The pool was modified to make the waves realistic. The deep end of the pool is 6’0 deep and there are lifeguards on both sides. This was the last ride I went on before I went home.

Now on the topic of food!!! Dorney Park have no outside food or drink policy. If you want to sneak in food, here are some tips.

  1. Put some of the food in a big shoulder bag. Make sure the food is in a plastic bag, covered with clothes on all sides, so when they pat the bag, they don’t feel anything.
  2. If there’s a female with you, put some feminine health products in the bag. Make sure there on top. If the guard is male, he probably won’t look to hard.
  3. If you have big pockets on your clothes, place some snacks in them.
  4. Do not bring food in containers.. Your best bet would be to pack sandwiches in zip loc bags.

My very first post!


Hi, this is DiannaGirl. This is my very first post on new blog and I’m very excited about it. I was tryingto think about what kind of blog I should have, but I couldn’t decide. Then when I looked at otherpeople’s blogs, I realized I could write about the movies, shows, anime and manga, and clothes I likeand review them. Also, I would like to offer advice about friendships, relationships, and other thingsthat we exprerience in our everyday lives. I’m hoping to be able to post every week or so. I would likefor readers to post comments that can help me improve my blog or offer their own advice or even make request. Thank you, see you next week.