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Last week Friday my two cousins, my mother, and I went to Dorney Park. I read about Dorney Park weeks before we went and thought the rides seemed cool. I was very excited about going and was happy to hear  it had a Waterpark. The bus ride was about 2 hours long and we watched the movie Rio 2 until we got there. I didn’t go on all the rides,however I will talk about the rides I liked the most.

For the younger members of your group you may want to try Planet Snoopy.

Planet Snoopy is a Peanuts- themed amusement park inside Dorney Park. It’s rides are perfect for the youngster in your group. I only went on two of them, but you can find all the rides on the Dorney Park website.

Linus Launcher is a airplane-like ride that my younger cousin and I went on. It’s a pretty simple ride. It goes up and down in a circle for a few minutes. You might get a little dizzy when the ride is over, but those effects should wear off quickly.

Woodstock Express is a small rollercoaster right next to the Linus Launcher. You go around 3 times, and on the 2 go around there’s a camera taking your picture. The line moves pretty fast for both rides.

Those are the only two rides in Planet Snoopy my cousin and I went on, but there are much more rides there for a younger group.

Musik Express is a ride I have loved since I was a little girl and I was happy to see Dorney Park had one. If you have gone on this ride before then you should know what to expect. The only thing is, I wish the ride was a little longer. It felt like the ride was 2-3 minutes long.

The Whip is a ride I didn’t want to go on. My younger cousin who is 5 wanted to go on though and seeing my only other choice was to stand with the bags, I went on. The ride wasn’t bad. The idea is that you go in a oval-like circle, and when you get to the end you get a sudden jolt. It’s pretty fun actually.

The first Wildwater Kingdom slide I went on is called Lightning Falls. My cousin wanted to go on, but she was too short. The line moved pretty quickly and was pretty calm. If you look at the pictures you will see a sign that says Cascade, that’s the two person tube slide that ends in the same pool as Lightning Falls.

Runaway River is a lazy river pool. My cousin, her mom, and I went into this pool. We had to stay in the tubes the whole time and float. I hadn’t gotten my hair wet yet, and was trying to avoid the sprinklers that were coming down. As you see in this picture you can’t avoid it. A guy tried to talk to me when I got off, asking me if I was biracial. I told him no, and quickly wondered what he thought I was mixed with?

Python Plummet is  part of the Snake Pit. It’s a single person slide. You go into a capsule that’s enclosed where you will hear a countdown before you slide down. The line was long, because it only has three slides. Lots of people wanted to go on, because it’s a thrilling ride.

Wave Pool is exactly what it’s called,  a wave pool. The wave turns on for 10 minutes and then turns off for 10 minutes. The pool was modified to make the waves realistic. The deep end of the pool is 6’0 deep and there are lifeguards on both sides. This was the last ride I went on before I went home.

Now on the topic of food!!! Dorney Park have no outside food or drink policy. If you want to sneak in food, here are some tips.

  1. Put some of the food in a big shoulder bag. Make sure the food is in a plastic bag, covered with clothes on all sides, so when they pat the bag, they don’t feel anything.
  2. If there’s a female with you, put some feminine health products in the bag. Make sure there on top. If the guard is male, he probably won’t look to hard.
  3. If you have big pockets on your clothes, place some snacks in them.
  4. Do not bring food in containers.. Your best bet would be to pack sandwiches in zip loc bags.