Hi, this is my first anime review and I’m going to talk about Puella Magi Madoka Magica or Madoka Magica for short. I have heard that this anime is different from the other magical girls series because it is a deconstruction and because it have favorable reviews. So when the show came to Netflix about a month or so ago, I decide that I was going to watch the series. There were some scene in the show that I was already made aware of, but I wanted to see what lead up to it. Madoka Magica is about a girl named Madoka Kaname who meets a mystery entity named Kyubey I’m going to start my analytics, so if you haven watch the show Spoiler Alert!!!

The series begins when our hero Madoka Kaname is having a dream, in which the city is being destroyed and a mysterious girl is fighting a monster. A small cute animal offer her a chance to help by becoming a magical girl. Madoka wakes up shortly after it and dismiss it. Madoka haves very nice life, a loving family and great friends. Her best friends are Hitomi and Sayaka, who she’s known since childhood. One day at school a new girl named Homura Akemi transfer into her class, the girl she saw in a dream early that morning. Homura gives Madoka a cryptic message about staying herself. Later on in the day, when Madoka and Sayaka go to the mall to get something for Sayaka’s friend Kyousuke, who is in the hospital for a broken hand. She then hears a voice calling out to her. She follows the voice and meet a cute little creature named Kyubey, who is being chased by Homura. Both her and Sayaka run away with Kyubey only to end up in a Witch barrier, about to be attack by beings called Familiars. Then, a girl named Mami Tomoe comes and saves them. Mami tells them that she a magical girl who fight against witches and that Kyubey can grant one wish in exchange for becoming a magical girl. Both Madoka and Sayaka are into the idea of being magical girls, think it will be like how it is on TV. Mami lets them tag along with her, showing them what magical girls do and giving advice. Homura tries to tell Madoka that being a magical girl is not a good thing, since she one herself. Madoka not sure about what to do, but still hangs around Mami until her shocking and sudden death. With no magical girl protecting the town against witches, Madoka left wondering what to she should do.

I’m going to do a separate post about the characters. This just giving you an idea about what the shows about.

Thank you, bye.